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The Run-time governance layer must be the layer above all the other pieces of the SOA infrastructure.


The next genration of the Governance layer can bring in the ability to dynamically assign resources on the task and can notify the respective stake holders of the situation.

Working on the specifications of the Governance tool on resource allocation. Business Activity Monitoring: BAM is the one of the key for the SOA governance at a strategic level.

The SOA must respect the ability and freedom that was existing before IT and must provide the similar flexibility to the decision makers to participate in the organization business behavior. SOA Registry: SOA Registry is the key component in the SOA architecture which provides a window for the Services to be registered and inturn looked up by the consumers to use.

SOA service registry provides the service enabler governance, i term it (provision governance) because it neither Design, Nor Development, Nor Deployment and Nor Runtime .

ESB is generally the first recipient of the message and using an ESB the policies are applied to the received messages and any breach of policies will be checked at the entry.