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However, for browsers on mobile devices (and at least one on the desktop), the language preferences are likely to be determined by the operating system settings, or in some cases by the language of the system when you installed the browser.

We use the latest versions of those browsers at the time that this article was written.

These instructions change from time to time as new versions of a browser are released. Please let us know if the information is out of date.

Command sequences for additional and older versions of browsers can be found at In many cases, you will be asked to select a region at the same time.

Once you have made your selection(s), move or remove languages in the list to establish your preferred order. If you choose a language+region combination, Edge will automatically set both a language tag for the language+region and a following tag for just the vanilla language in your and add the language or language+region choice you want from the list available.

The following example shows a setting in Firefox for someone who would prefer Swiss French pages, but if that is not available would settle for any French, German or English page, in that order.