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The Saints would love to give 88-year-old Tom Benson one extremely important gift this late in life, another Super Bowl to finish the 99th season of professional football. But I think there’s more impetus to give the game to Atlanta.The new Falcons stadium, which opens in the summer of 2017, will have had two regular seasons to work out the kinks.

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Atlanta has the college football national championship game in 2018, and the Final Four in 2020.

Every franchise in the south (and some in the north) that builds new stadiums gets a Super Bowl early in the life of the new building, and Atlanta has not hosted the game since 2000. As Raiders owner Mark Davis flirts with Sin City, the question has been whether the NFL would ever allow such a move.

* * * The next two Super Bowls are in Houston (SB 51, in February 2017), and Minnesota (SB 52, in February 2018).

My picks for the next three—and please do not take this as anything more than my best guess after some conversations with people who know more than I do, and that’s a lot: • Super Bowl 53, February 2019: Atlanta over New Orleans.

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