Are criss angel and holly madison still dating

Photo: Ryan Astamendi Holly Madison’s new book is filled with lots of juicy stories …

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Diamond seemed to labor under the misconception that the public saw Saved By The Bell as a thinly fictionalized docudrama about the lives of its cast, and would be shocked, horrified, and, above all, titillated to discover that these rich, sexy teenagers behaved, like, well, rich, sexy teenagers and not saints.

Madison, meanwhile, seems to assume that the world sees her “romance” with Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner as the ultimate fairy-tale fantasy, with her as Cinderella and Hefner as an aged, half-deaf, doddering Prince Charming.

“I had a great time doing Holly’s World and everything, but it was one of the moments where I really felt betrayed and kind of like I wasn’t being treated like an adult, or like I was in charge in any way.

The whole debacle was just super embarrassing and humiliating for me, and it made me extra careful.”So is she hoping Benji will learn from her book what really happened years ago?

(Photo: Instagram)“[This] pregnancy is a little different.