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If they’re your real friends, they will understand that you’re actually trying to build a successful business and not just doing something to keep you busy.

Are there seminars that teach how to manage a sari-sari store?

One tip when you do this, dress in very simple clothes, talk in Filipino and always use the term “sari-sari store”. 😀 What are the best things to sell in a sari-sari store? But from experience, these are the items that will be most in-demand: canned goods, instant noodles, softdrinks, rice (aka ), sachet items (juices, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, detergents, etc), cigarettes, beer and cellphone electronic load. You can also try to research on your competition to see where they get their items.

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Is it still feasible to put up a sari-sari store today? But of course, the location and your inventory of products plays a big role.

So do your research first, observe your neighborhood and identify their needs.

But remember that you need to apply for additional licenses if you’re planning to sell liquor and cigarettes.

In any case, for specific instructions on how to register your business, just go to the city hall and inquire. Ask your neighbors and find out what they’d be willing to buy from you if you put up a sari-sari store at home. Initially, warehouse stores and wholesalers in public markets are your best bets.

For more pricing strategies, specially if you’re planning to sell homemade items, then you can refer to this article: How Much Should You Charge For Your Product or Service. That’s inevitable and always a healthy way to challenge your business skills.