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Munro added, having another business being operated on the owners business, the owner should have the rights to speak up.

If someone wants to start doing business like a hairdresser and invited customers to get their hair done, the owner should have the rights to speak up.

Recently, there was incident at the city, that the Hotel / Motel owner of Drovers Rest Motel in Moranbah, a town in Queensland, refuses and banned the sex worker from renting her a room, which was found out to be somewhat their regular customer for two years and had been visiting the motel 17 times.

The lady was identified as GK who file a discrimination case against the Drovers Rest Motel in Moranbah.

These are things that is really difficult to decide since two parties are involved and the main thing that we are trying to uncover here is, who is right and who is wrong, or maybe what is the best action for this case!