Bar girl dating who is dating princeton

Does she lock it with a password, does it go off all the time, does she take it to the toilet, shower, in fact everywhere and guard it with her life?Does she have all the social networks we are all familiar with if she does, what kind of photos does she post?

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Ask her how much money she is sending home right now every month, then you have a guide line for what she will be expecting you to cover if you do take her out of the bar scene.

If it is a lot of money, well question what she is doing to earn that kind of money.

How do you know if your new found love will be “different” from all the others, how can you tell if you are destined for a life of love and happiness or a life of spending money and misery?

Many years ago someone gave me some advice that has stood the test of time, and is probably the best advice I have ever been given, and he said to me “never spend more than you are prepared to lose”.

Trouble is we never really get to the bottom of “what” actually happened, was it a case of running out of money and not being able to see a way out? So, is dating a bar girl a safe option, will she be a genuine girl or will she always have that inner desire to gleam money and want more all the time?