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Our goal is to provide relevant ads to both Facebook and Social Networks users", the company comments. We should also remind you that early this year Facebook Audience Network has expanded ad views on the mobile Internet. In May advertisers were able to target non-Facebook users, but who visits the websites and applications included to the FAN. It means that in the near future, the search algorithms will be primarily assessed by the relevance of a mobile version of the page and alternatively by the desktop.This information was published in the company's blog.• If you have confirmed only the desktop version of the website in the Search Console, you should also add the mobile resource version.

Facebook is currently testing a new service that allows page owners to post vacancies and other users to apply for them. By means of a special feature it will highlight vacancies among other publications in the news feed and attract the attention of users. Applicants will be able to respond to the announcements using «Apply Now» button.

The CV will be generated automatically from the data of user’s profiles.

o It is not necessary to apply changes to the canonical URL.

Google will keep considering these attributes to display matching results to mobile and desktop users.

Despite the fact that the process of transition to mobile-first index is only on its way to be introduced to the public, Google has prepared several recommendations for the webmasters: • If your website is configured as an adaptive or dynamic display design, in which the main content and layout are identical for both mobile and desktop devices, no changes to be applied in this case • If a website configuration requires different content for mobile and desktop devices, it is necessary to perform the following changes: o Make sure that the structured markup is used in mobile and desktop website version.