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Unlike most of my "normal" friends I've never tried internet dating and at times felt like I've been missing out on all the fun, but I dreaded the whole "shall I say something? He is very accepting and understanding of my bipolar.

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Guys would usually find me very entertaining - talking a LOT, making them laugh, doing crazy things, knocking back drinks, making wild suggestions - they got the impression I had no hang ups, was wild even, and I would usually put out on the first night, often somewhere on the way home as I couldn't wait till we got there.

So undoubtably guys would assume that this was how I was all the time but usually by the third date they'd have a much clearer idea my levels can drop from 60 to 0 at any time.

By now I'd be either tearful and clingy, or lifeless and dull, and they'd seem disappointed, and that was that.

Having a girlfriend who's a sex addict must seem like heaven for a guy, but in reality my partner at the time I was at my 'peak' was drained.

Pretty much all of my relationships have been with guys I already knew as friends. Bipolar has a big impact on my life, my personality and my behaviour, but then I couldn't exactly write it into my profile; could I?