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Britney Spears' one night stand TOM WITCHEY claims the sexy singer confided in him that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE split with her after learning of her affair with dancer Wade Robson.

The New York college student, 21, alleges he spent the night with the pop babe last summer (03) after partying with Spears, her backing dancer CHARISSA SEAMAN and her boyfriend JOSH CLEPHAS at a Santa Barbara, California beach.

But then one day you find out, that she is just some bitch! It’s been known for years that Justin’s hit song was about Britney, 31, and how she allegedly cheated on him with choreographer Wade Robson.

In an special about Timbaland, which aired in 2002, the producer says, “He went to a concert and saw Britney, and Britney talked about him in the show and he was pissed.” Justin further explains, “I was on a phone call that was not the most enjoyable phone call.

Instead, they have kept what they have earned even from things he arranged…