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I think you can see some of the problems that can arise.

Been there done that in response to the place you now find yourself.

Well, what's wrong with it is that there is absolutely no empiric evidence for the existence of a god whatsoever, so at best the existence of such a being is a belief that not everyone shares, and even people who believe in a god don't necessarily believe in the same one, or even the same version of one. That's why certain arguments drive many atheists to distraction -- they just seem absolutely ludicrous from a scientific point of view. The most optimistic calculations give a radiocarbon dating uncontrolled error range of 1200 years of arbitrarily added or subtracted age. Boutomo, is of a more realistic opinion: "due to the considerable fluctuations of C-14's specific activity rate, the radiocarbon datings of relatively young specimens (under 2000 years of age) cannot be used as fundamental referential data for the absolute chronological scale." See p-83 To really get into the carbon dating problems, see the book C-14 Crash by Blöss and Nimitz. Fossils are underground, how can anything effect them from space?

Some people don't like it when they're looking at a Primate such as an Ape and someone says "You're descended from that, you know". Not to mention it would have to be a carbon based molecule of the isotope C14 in order to disrupt this (proving life in space) .

God exists, it just has to deal with opening your mind to all forms of him.