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For instance, 93% of Ugandans with a secondary education or greater own a cell phone, compared with 61% of those with less education.

And in South Africa, 57% with a secondary education or more own a smartphone versus 13% with less education.

By comparison, as of December 2014, 89% of American adults owned a cell phone, up from 64% ownership in 2002.

Roughly a third of South Africans (34%) and about a quarter of Nigerians (27%) say that their device is a smartphone, i.e.

For instance, in South Africa, 41% of 18- to 34-year-olds own a smartphone, while only 27% of those 35 and older do.

Men are more likely than women to own a cell phone in six of the seven countries surveyed.

It has also allowed Africans to skip the landline stage of development and jump right to the digital age. In 2002, roughly one-in-ten owned a mobile phone in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana.