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"I remember that specific day, I really will never forget," the Palestinian actress recalled this week, during a live Q&A at the Toronto International Film Festival [TIFF], about cradling her "son" in her arms. This is so magic." Abbass is one of the most recognisable and acclaimed Palestinian actors, with a filmography that literally spans the globe.

"I must have cried or did something very dramatic, or melodramatic maybe, and I just like finished and I looked at the people and all the people were crying," Abbas said. She delivered powerful performances as the mother of a Palestinian suicide bomber in Paradise Now, directed by Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu Assad, and a widow tending to her lemon grove in the West Bank in The Lemon Tree.

This mobile soap opera feels like it's straight from the WB.

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if you win your love then it’s love but if you lose you two would turn out to be a best friend forever.

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