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It's more fun to be mean than to try and make nice with everybody all the time. And I got paid for it." Sarah Gadon, A Royal Night Out (2015) that playing the role of Princess Elizabeth during VE Day celebrations was "terrifying" but "really beautiful." The fun and romantic flick is a reimagined take on the night the future queen and her sister Princess Margaret stepped outside the palace walls to celebrate in the streets.

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Freya Wilson, The King's Speech (2010) alongside Colin Firth who played her father, King George VI.

The 11-year-old delivered a powerful performance in the Oscar-winning film about King George VI's ascension to the throne.

The show, now confirmed to consist of 10 episodes, will arrive on November 4, with all parts arriving on the same day.

There’s an impressive set of names involved too – former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith will be playing Prince Philip, while Claire Foy, of Little Dorrit and Upstairs Downstairs, is playing the monarch herself.

Reported to be the streaming website's biggest budget to date, Claire Foy has taken on the responsibility of playing the British monarch.