Cons consolidating police agencies

The first brigade of the volunteer militia was: Major Commandant - Thomas S.O'Halloran; Captains - Charles Berkeley (Cavalry), Boyle T. Poulden, however, was required to resign and "did so in a state of extreme disgust, when it was proven that he constantly came to drill when he was what was technically called "tight"." Thus, by one stroke of an unmagnanimous pen the fighting force within the lowest rank was reduced by 50 per cent!

cons consolidating police agencies-37

Gwynne; Second Lieutenants and Cornets - Alfred Hardy, Charles W. The neighbouring colonies of Australasia are safe... Two regiments of American or French soldiers might here carry all before them, and it would form a comical and rather awkward divertissement in colonial life if this were followed up by the landing of a sufficient number of troops who, at the point of a bayonet, should compel us - by holding our women and children as hostages - to work the mines, drive bullocks, etc., for the purpose of enabling them to carry off as large an amount of possible of treasure, including, by the way, the Governor's strongbox, with very shortly about a hundred thousand sovereigns, ore, and metal of gold, copper lead and silver.

Stuart and Frederick Hancock; Staff - Captains, Henry Nixon, C. Litchfield, Alexander Tolmer; Surgeons John Knott and James G. Let it be borne in mind, that as the invaders would have no concern...

they might devote the whole population of the colony to labour at the mines...

Verily, it would be a hard practical lesson for our colonial aristocracy to find that their delicate digits obtained fewer indulgences than the hard, horny hands of the habitual labourer.

(Taken from an unpublished manuscript by Geoffrey H.