Dating an athlete

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Here’s 12 struggles that non-sports fans have when they date athletes, past or present. 12) Sports are the only thing thats ever on TV when you go over to his/her place. 11) Sports fans/Athletes have a whole language to themselves. 10) While going to a game may seem like a cute idea for a date, you have no idea what’s going on, making it confusing and/or boring. 9) You have to pretend to be excited on game day, even if you don’t really get what the big deal is. 8) A staple in his/her wardrobe will probably be jerseys/sports attire.

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One thing I’ve learned in college is that once a person ever was an athlete, they will always be an athlete.

Unless your boo has a specific/expensive passion like photography or skateboarding, a lot of times the default-gift to get a guy is some form of clothing or accessories.