Live camera 1 to 1 asiasex - Dating an ibanez am205

dating an ibanez am205-5

AM200s are going for around $100US, I imagine a nice Am205 would go for a few hundred more today. Hmm..maybe around 1,300 However, I found some odd thing on that ibanez.

-Sven I would say if you can get it for $1200US or less, and it is in good shape, go for it, because you will safely be able to sell it if it's not what you were looking for. The sticker inside the hollow is pretty much different from any other guitars that I've seen.

The fret job is spot on and this guitar will not need a fret dress, unlike the 339. Build quality is excellent as you would expect from an Ibanez in this range. Also, the amount of sustain is just right, allowing you to let notes ring if need be.

I am not sure of the string gauges fitted originally but I have now changed these for a set of Thomastik Jazz Bebop 11s. In summary: the Ibanez AM205 is an excellent small bodied semi suitable for jazz and blues.

I ended up liking it despite the fact that the Epi is a somewhat cheap guitar with less than stellar pickups, but it was enough to let me know that I liked having a Semi-Hollow and wanted to upgrade. It does show its age but in pretty good shape overall. Anyone happen to know the production numbers on these? Back when I bought my Ibanez, I also tried an Artist series guitar which was much like yours but solid body. Super 58 pickups, does it have push pots for splitting them? Just a week ago I saw one of the Artist Reissue guitars: if the shop still has it when I have a little money... It would be nice but I have/had coil taps on other Humbucker guitars and honestly hardly ever use it.