Dating former coworkers named tom

Maybe that's why he decided to call the police when he heard Mr.

Tom Monfils was a darkly handsome man with a mustache, a shock of wavy hair and a jaunty smile.

If there'd been trouble on the job, he'd never mentioned it, his parents said. Monfils was a cheerful sort, a devoted husband and father of a son and daughter."Everybody liked Tom," his mother said.

“I was just in shock,” Thomas tells The Post of first seeing her mother’s photograph.

“I had looked in so many faces for so many years, [thinking] ‘Could that be her? ’ All the while I had looked at the woman who once knew me as her daughter.

Police documents filed at the time of the arrests last month -- in bland, just-the-facts-ma'am prose -- describe the events that led to Tom Monfils' death. Kutska admitted in a statement to police, he decided to help himself to some electrical cable to use in his barn.