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Therefore a very small number of people are destroying this society.What the Taiwan authorities need to do is to punish those people in accordance with the law. "Previously in March 2015, the Chinese Patriotic Alliance Association attacked Falun Gong members in front of Taipei 101 and cursed out the police.

The direct message we hope to send to Beijing is we will not forgive and we will fight for democracy and freedom, said Joshua Wong, who led mass pro-democracy rallies in 2014.

We will not allow Beijing to disqualify one more legislator, because they are democratically elected, Wong, 20, told AFP at the rally, which took place in gardens in the Central commercial district.

The Hong Kong National Party strongly condemned the attackers and the organizations behind them.

On the night of December 12, Chan Ho-tin, Chow Ho-fai and Taiwan New Power Think Thank executive director Chu Cheng Chi (nicknamed "the Doctor of Philosophy of Bullshit") were interviewed at Caesar's Hotel across the Taipei Train Station.

In May 2016, they clashed with the Taiwan Independence Big Flags Team in Ximending.