Dating in middle age

At this time in your life, it’s more about finding a partner who is compatible with you in areas such as personality, interests, life goals and lifestyle, rather than being the same age.

But unfortunately, some women have the experience of consistently finding those men who are just after a good time.

Or being put off after experiencing a few unsuccessful dates with men, consistently being disappointed that they didn’t live up to their online profiles. It’s not always easy, but one of the best ways to meet men is truly through mutual interests, as you already have a lot in common.

And then there are those who are actually looking for a relationship.

These men are sick of dating and meaningless encounters and really just want to settle down with someone who they can rely on and share a life with. In fact, you can tell this just from all the men we have signed up to Meet Your – who are also looking to find someone special in their lives.

I’m going to use this article today to raise a few of the common issues that these women have been facing, and try to help you get some perspective on how to work through these.