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In some cases we may have duplicate lots of identical description and these may be substituted to under bidders. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. issued to commemorate agrippa's refounding of caesarea paneas as neronias.

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In some cases the reserve is higher than 60% of estimate but in no cases is it more than the estimate.

We do not have a call back service, but after placing your bids you may contact us to check on your bids. these large bronze coins are notoriously struck on "bad metal".

Please note if you use a credit card and are a new customer, we must be able to confirm your billing address. Shipments of books will be very expensive to overseas addresses. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a 25% deposit. Prices realized will be published after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders.

However an additional 3% is charged for use of said card in auctions and mailbid sales. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk.

The bidder must assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. In addition, no bids on coins and medals of precious metal lots will be accepted that are below the melt value of the item. temple with female figure seated left/female figure standing in temple. unfortunately all but the last few letters of her name are off the flan on this example which is still much above average.

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