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I love a good political conversation over a bottle of wine! A little about me would be that I have taken a lot of time to find myself and now that I have found it I am not letting go!!! I love theatre, art, fishing, camping, hiking as long as it isn't too hard (I prefer the term nature walk ha). I'm A Cancer through and through, I like making others happy, organizing girls night out, or making the big dinner for 15, I love to entertain.

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Today the company is owned by Sanford, a division of Newell Rubbermaid that also owns Waterman.

Although the company always produced good quality fountain pens, Parker golden age goes from the '20s to '60s, when the company has distinguished itself for its great innovation capacity, obtaining always strong success.

I have been very successful in running my wireless kiosk business, 4 months ago I was in a car … if you really want to know more dont be shy to ask. I'll talk to pretty much anyone and I'm always up for a good conversation or getting to know someone.

Hi, I'm Kira (: I live in Parker, I'm still in high school, but I'm 18 and ready to move on. I like conversation with some wit and intelligence behind it. I'm a party grl, i love hangn out wit mha buddiez an fam, lol.!

In fact, the "Lucky Curve" was simply a good feeder, which remained in production until 1928, and was used as a trademark for a number of pens, but there are doubts that the curved form actually had the effect to avoid the accumulation of ink, because much repairers cutted it, because the curved part makes it difficult to reinsert it between the nib and section.