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The most effective method of sending emails was to time it so that you’d agree to meet with a client around the time his membership with the site was about to run out, so that’d he’d renew it.

But then, on the day you were supposed to meet, you’d have to think up some excuse as to why you couldn’t make it to the date…It’s tiring having to think up lies simultaneously for several different clients, all the while having your email log checked by your supervisors. Asakura: For me, the best part was the flexible hours.

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When a client I’d agreed to meet up with but later cancelled on sent me an email to start chatting again, my friends and bosses would congratulate me on doing a good job. Asakura: Well, when a client stops emailing you, you have to think of how to reestablish a connection with him.

It’s a lot harder than making the initial contact, and we even had a manager who just handled helping sakura with that aspect of the job.

Many male sakura also pretend to be single women, as in the case of one Japanese dating site that had 2.7 million accounts, of which only one belonged to an actual female.

We recently sat down with one ex-sakura, who we’ll call Mr. A disarmingly friendly and unassuming man in his 30s, he agreed to give us an inside look at this shadowy side of the dating industry.

Nowadays, though, the main place you’ll find sakura is online, posing as eligible romantic partners on dating websites.