Dining room updating

When decorating dining rooms, one of the biggest problems most of us have is our home decorating budget.It’s difficult, if not impossible for most of us to purchase a new dining set whenever we want a decorating update.

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The finish wasn’t totally our style, but the swirls and flat arms (it almost looks like an intricate paper chandelier) always made us think it could be a good candidate for Clara’s room. Even without any chain, it would’ve hung about 26″ down from her eight foot ceiling, putting it perilously close to her six foot father’s eyeballs.

But since Home Depot has yet to carry shrink rays, I decided to take it down and see if I could shorten it myself.

Mit der Art und Ihren Ideen, wie Sie Ihr klassisches Esszimmer einrichten und gestalten, setzen Sie als Gastgeber ein Zeichen für Genuss beim Essen.

Im Zentrum der Esszimmergestaltung steht der Esstisch.

Here are the before pics in case you don’t remember …