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PHOENIX — This week, motorists will see new signage designating a segment of Interstate 10 between Casa Grande and Chandler as a “safety corridor” where there will be an increased law enforcement presence.

TUCSON — Everyone in Arizona knows what haboobs are: A towering wall of dust, sometimes a half-mile high and a hundred miles wide, caused by summer monsoons rolling in over Tucson and southeast Arizona, and slamming the dry, loose dirt into the air. PHOENIX — A special task force is recommending higher teacher pay, more money for schools with a high number of students in poverty and a more “predictable and equitable’’ funding system among schools. — More than a dozen women who accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault should be allowed to testify at his upcoming trial because their stories are so similar that they show the "handiwork of the same perpetrator," a prosecutor argued Wednesday.

Products include bottled juices, functional and flavored waters, RTD teas and flavored coconut waters.

Dr Pepper Snapple began distributing Bai Brands broadly in 2013 and last year bought a minority stake in the company for $15 million.

Pepsi Co is an NCN Cornerstone Investor, and Ke Vita was an NCN Presenting Company in 2012.