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How to View Saved Directory Service, DNS Server, and File Replication Service Event Logs from Another Windows 2000-Based Computer Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 235427 - Windows 2000 Event Viewer includes three new event logs: Interpreting the NT Security Log To use the Security Log, you need to understand three of the most important categories of security events: logon and logoff, object access, and process tracking. NET Magazine (April 2000)Turning Off Print Job Logging in the System Log Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 115841 - By default, Windows NT and Windows NT Advanced Server log every print job processed by the server in the System Log. Auditing Does Not Report Security Event for Resetting Password on Domain Controller Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 267556 - If you choose to audit success and failure with the "Audit account management" policy, the auditing does not report the expected success event in the Security log when an administrator resets the user password on a domain controller.

Cannot Open Files Included in a Winrep File Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 255871 - When you attempt to open an Event Viewer log file (file) that is included in a Windows Reporting tool (Winrep) file, you may receive an error message: Defined actions for a configured administrative alert do not occur when counter data triggers an alert because of a full security log.

No Event Log Replication on Cluster Servers Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 229071 - Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Datacenter Server include a feature known as Event Log Replication.

Event Log Replication replicates events from each node in a Cluster Server to the other nodes.

These events will all appear in the Security event log and will be logged with a source of "Security" Windows NT has a well-defined error management system One of the most important functions of any mainframe applications software is the reporting of processing errors.