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Considerate and smart men make plans well in advance.

They know that a woman likes to be treated like she’s too in demand to have huge holes in her social calendars, (even if you have intel that would suggest otherwise!

Men often complain that women are mysterious, complicated creatures who are difficult to please.

In truth, most women are quite easily pleased from date one once you know how to make them feel desired, safe, and inspired.

It builds a moment of anticipation and indicates they respect my desires and my boundaries. Tell her you’d like to see her again This can be a little awkward if you are uncertain of her desires, but women respect men who are honest and willing to take risks. You’ll be putting her in an awkward situation if she’s interested, but she isn’t ready to invite you over to her place. Rather, focus the conversation on interests in your life that inspire you. Women will sense when it’s a sincere compliment and will shine with more confidence. Be present Probably the most important of all is to be present.