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The high price of the U-matics limited their use mainly to television studios and news crews.

With their audience being lost to television and the importation of American films, Japan's major film studios were struggling to keep their market share.

Sony released its first U-matic video cassette recorders, providing an early alternative to theatrical film.

They are released initially on video, and pass inspection by an adult video ethics committee such as NEVA (Nihon Ethics of Video Association) or Eizourin (映像倫理機構 Eizou Rinri Kikou) which enforce mosaics over pubic hair or genitalia.

Pink films may be concerned with sex, but tend to focus more on story, and they are rated by Eirin (Eiga Rinri Kanri Iinkai 映画倫理管理委員会) rather than an adult video ethics organization.

NEVA requires makers to put in large checkered mosaics over pubic hair and genitals.

Adult magazine publisher Kuki Inc.(九鬼) released its first adult video. Adult videos provided privacy and comfort that the older, established theatrical pink films could not.

but Nikkatsu remained the dominant producer of high-production theatrical pornography in Japan.