Gentle people dating service

You don't have to wear a suit to impress us but it would be nice if you didn't wear your baggiest jeans and a stained shirt.

You may be losing weight but there are a zillion discount stores out there that will gladly sell you a nice pair of jeans and a polo style shirt for less than .

You can always send more messages if you want to know more about each other.

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Aging takes its toll on all of us physically, but don't let that be an excuse for being sloppy.

You may be the greatest guy on the planet with the most sensual lips but if your teeth are missing or your skin has developed tags, then I guarantee you're getting passed over for an issue that can be easily fixed with a quick visit to your doctor or dentist. Please choose a picture that looks like you for your online dating profile.

It’s much more difficult to have to change your phone number or block someone’s emails; so we recommend that you do not give out your contact details until you have got to know someone through the messaging service.

Keep your message lighthearted – Your message isn’t the place to write something negative as people react better to positive introductions.

It's worth the investment if you want to get a second date with us.2.