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After so many years, no one ever expected to lose "the Pottery". You will see early marks showing a printed mark of a globe and steamer boat. It was used on ceramics, art objects and small tableware items such as jugs, cups, saucers, etc.

At this crucial time, Pacific Coast Building Products emerged to purchase the company and restore the famous name of Gladding, Mc Bean. The top banner will have the pattern name and the lower banner will say W. The following information came from a bulletin board announcing his passing in August of 1985, he had been living in Washington at the time. Maloney had been an Air Force pilot and ZLA controller as well as a talented artist.

and formed what was known as Interpace Corporation. Ltd., the pattern name is generally above the mark. According to Lois Lehner's book, this mark was used by Harold J.

However, in 1976 Interpace announced their intention to cease operations at the Lincoln plant. Grindley had an Ivory backstamp which usually incorporates a registration number. Marks with the town name "TUNSTALL" indicate a date prior to 1891. The use of "ENGLAND" in the mark indicates a date of 1891 onwards W. Grindley England in a wreath mark is circa 1914-1925Masted sailing ship or tall boat mark is circa 1936-54, it says Grindley under the ship Masted sailing ship or tall boat in a shield with crown above is circa 1954 onwards More current pieces will have the Grindley name in an ornate floral and vintae circular type mark, W. Maloney of Kalamazoo, MI from February, 1961 to 1985.

Franciscan has 3 distinct lines; Masterpiece China is a high quality translucent fine china; Earthenware, has a variety of decals and hand painted decorations and Whitestone Ware, an ironstone or white earthenware (first made in 1934).