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A guy has fallen for this great, cute, smart girl; they’ve been friends for years, and the guy knows they’d be great together. A sad, uncomfortable look crosses her face and she tries to break it to him gently, saying, “I don’t want to risk our friendship” or “We’re better off just friends.” That phrase is also used as an excuse – by both guys and girls – who don’t want to become romantically involved but don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or destroy a friendship. Maintain that line so there’s no sexual attraction.

Sometimes girls even pull that after you’ve given it a shot. That also goes for other things too, like spending a lot of time together.

Going out with someone else, who you are not romantically involved with, can provide the duo with a pleasant night out, instead of hanging out on the couch watching television. It may happen – you never know – but being friends should be acceptable.

If one of the friends finds a boyfriend or girlfriend, the other needs to be supportive.

Platonic friendship has become more popular in recent years.