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However, I take examples from my life and can understand the nuances of the role better." Kinshuk's journey in showbiz has been pretty satisfying so far.

He says, "I think God has been very kind to me with the kind of roles I have got so far.

Talking about his new show, Kinshuk says, "It is not an easy character to play.

While daily soaps focus on women characters, Abhimanyu is a character that even men will be able to relate to." Kinshuk, who's been married for four years now, adds, "Personally I don't relate to the character I play, because mine was a love marriage after a courtship of eight years.

“When I started seeing my wife Divya, my mom was the first person to know about it.” The actor recalls that she was always a protective mother. Whenever I wouldn’t get good marks in school, she would go to lengths to safeguard me from my father’s fury.

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