Lindvall dating

Stan became Matthew’s spiritual father, and the two spent a great deal of time together.

In the summer of 1986, Stan began to feel that God had destined Matthew to marry his daughter Maranatha.

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Lindvall dating

Recently I’ve been hearing other stories, though, far different stories—and one of those stories is Maranatha’s, which I will tell in a moment.

There were a couple of relevant reasons those in my community put off courtship.

He confessed that he found her “very attractive” and that she had become “a distraction.” “I don’t know what to do about it,” he said.

According to Lindvall’s telling, “Matthew was certain this attraction could not be right since Maranatha was so much younger than he.” ”Have you ever considered that this may be a good thing?

Lindvall and others like him also argue that young people are ready for marriage far earlier than “the world” may recognize, and that waiting rather than marrying young only leads to temptation and the possibility of going astray.