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If you want to adopt gorilla-dating tactics as you sort through the dangers of the jungle we call Christian dating, go anywhere else.

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During a recent meeting of the founding partners — Steve, Motte, and Kurt — we talked about why we're doing this and what makes our service distinct. If you listen, you'll hear me talking about the benefits the service offers to women, though I stepped behind the lens for the following post-podcast photo shoot.

Shepherd exclusive: Buy the paperback, get the ebook free! If so, is it even possible to have a stable marriage? Is there anything to work on now, even before being in a relationship?

Both single and married people will find counter-cultural wisdom that is rooted in Scripture.

I look forward to recommending this book to my students.

—Lilly Park, Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling, Crossroads Bible College I would encourage you to read this resource and then hand it out to anyone who is interested in preparing for marriage.