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However, a recent study found that the app is likely to face stiff competition from rival messaging apps like Whats App and Facebook Messenger, which have 800 million and 700 million active users respectively.

In a study of mobile phone habits, about 75 per cent of those questioned admitted to surfing the web, using apps, emailng and texting while in the toilet - with more than 90 per cent saying they had returned calls.

Ever sign-in to your favorite messaging app only to find out that your friends aren't available to chat?

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best places where you can meet and chat with new friends.

And there's the messed up dude who stalks girls to show on cam and threatens to hack their computer if they don't. "All of this goes on because there's nobody to get rid of them" There are mods, most are usually inactive (they need to get new ones that will actually be in the chat) and the others that still login tend to just ignore their mod job.

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    Similarly, both men and women judged as having attractive voices are also more symmetrical (facial and body symmetry are both linked to physical attractiveness, see Hughes, Harrison, & Gallup, 2002).

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    Some people keep someone lined up for dating before breaking up just so they don’t have to be single for longer than a few days.

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    He continued to work on new projects, but his output slowed somewhat.

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