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Makes me personally be less sympathetic to their cause.

They know very well the stigma of coming out, let alone being dragged out,, they know how important it is a person come out when they are ready, plus the sexuality thing is a huuuge grey area, its silly to class people at all. You sad sad individuals, I guess its true misery loves company.

We would appreciate it if you did the same as they start their journey together. The interview I've seen, she sounds like a God fearing person, I hope she will make be mmamoruti who brings Glory to God.

I would hope she will stop wearing things that leave out too much flesh, boobs and flabbly arms.

Rumours of Sophie cheating on her husband with actress Kamogelo Mampe's man, who (Kamogelo) played Palesa in Muvhango, were all over Mzansi from rural KZN to posh Sandton.