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While the basic dungeon crawling remains much the same, the battle system is more in line with that of .Characters can now receive direct commands, and foes who have been knocked down can now attack as soon as they get up again.

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And, of course, another 80 hours of what amounts to the same game may be a bit hard to stomach, no matter how good it is.

A Port Handled with Care is definitely not the quick and dirty port that PSP owners are all too familiar with.

Another 80 hours of Persona 3 may be a bit much for series veterans, but it's the perfect opportunity for those who never played -- or finished -- the original game.

are among of the genreā€™s best in the past several years, notable for its unique combination of complex mechanics and light dating-sim elements.

Its much more accessible take on the traditionally hardcore franchise has won it a large number of new fans who have used it as a stepping stone into the , you take on the role of a high school student who, by day, juggles social commitments and education at Gekkoukan High.