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While it was originally believed that this resequence started over at 100,000, or even 20,000, but evidence suggests that it actually restarted at 10,000 or possibly lower.

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It's obviously the Rode NT1, yet is not stamped like the ones you see in the photos. Upon closer inspection, a black ring at the base of the mic cylinder bears: "Rode NT1/ Made in Australia / Ser. 41693" --- the serial number is hand-scripted and required a magnifying glass for me discern it. Hates it when I belt out my vocals and get cranked in the high range. Hopefully you're still around, and maybe others will pick it up the thread. When it comes to wasting time, I am a professional. The RODE site used to have a "history of the NT1" type story, but they have since taken it down.

So, I'm pretty sure I have the dinosaur, which is said to be the real deal. It begs for compression, else a more intimate (or deeper) tone. I'm about to match it up with a Presonus Eureka mic pre channel strip, so maybe I'll get to hear it through new ears. It did not give serial number info but, iirc, did have some description of some of the manufacturing changes.

I don't know what year the allegedly bad capsule was swapped in for the original, but the complaint I read was published in 2003.