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"Plaintiffs allege that Pay Pal acted in bad faith by terminating the agreement for the sole purpose of benefitting plaintiffs' competitors," Illston wrote.

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“Her publicist had contacted us to ask if we can have her posting more prominently featured,” Wade said. In many cultures, liaisons between the wealthy, generous and the beautiful were even considered an art form. Pay Pal maintains relationships with other controversial adult dating sites such as Ashley and the similar-sounding Arrangement A Pay Pal spokeswoman said the company could not comment on pending litigation.

But she said that generally Pay Pal users agree to comply with an “Acceptable Use Policy.” If violated, Pay Pal reserves the right suspend or limit accounts, she said. 28, a federal judge granted Pay Pal parts of its motion to dismiss Wade’s lawsuit, but the judge allowed the rest of action to move forward.

But Pay Pal suspended the accounts that year and again in 2011, telling Way that it took issue with the fact that daters could choose options such as "Dating - Casual/Intimate Encounter" and "Married Dating/Discreet Affair (meeting for purposes of having sex)." Way and Info Stream sued the payment processor in Santa Clara County Superior Court in January.

The companies claimed that Pay Pal suspended their accounts for "sexual nature," but continued to service competing dating services Ashley and Arrangement District Judge Susan Illston dismissed the Sherman Act and fraud claims last week.

"Due to the inherently secretive nature of Pay Pal's conduct underlying plaintiffs' theory, it is reasonable that plaintiffs could not have discovered Pay Pal's 'motivations' until plaintiffs were explicitly informed of Pay Pal's 'pre-approval' of identical competitor websites," the 18-page ruling states.