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If I want to know about your penis, or its regular activities I will ask. Good sluts know when to step out of their slutty closets and get down to business.

But thankfully we have brains to stop that from happening.

I know you think you are “padding” your sextastic dating resume when you say that, but all you are doing is being a creep.

It has nothing to do with how convincing/coercive you are, but with my decision to gift you my slutiness. I actually love it when men feel the need to try to shame me into being a slut when they don’t meet my standards, by accusing me of being a prude. However I hate it when other women disregard my points of view as being invalid because I choose to have agency over my sexuality in a different way than they choose to operate. Do you really want someone to associate bad or unfulfilling sex with you? I would have baked “rot in hell” cupcakes for you and thrown them at your tombstone. It was his birthday on monday, it is 1.5 mos until it has been a year that I was assaulted. or if I can really trust my sense in that I am standing at all.

Are there creeps who are coercive, and push young inexperienced sluts into doing things they aren’t comfortable doing, yes. For a slut there is nothing worse than being promised a good time, and being left with a sense of ennui afterwards. There is a slut network, and we gossip about your bad techniques, and sloppy dismounts if you are unfulfilling. Just a few weeks ago I was asked by a new friend regarding a local guy who makes the rounds in the queer-slut circles. It is needless to say that I have trust issues now. Last night I started crying about last years assault, I ended the cry fest with crying over every single time I woke up in the middle of the night with him smelling like beer, and her, and hearing him call me her name. But it is the first time I can actually remember crying over it, letting some piece of it go.

A good slut knows when she has hit the GGG jackpot,and will not need your big manly help coming to that conclusion. You could have done us the favour of being taken hostage and being shot on third world television by some extremists.