Someone dating

I figured, if we did end up together, we could raise our kids with both options, and when they were old enough they could make their own decisions about the phone they most identified with.

But in the weeks that followed, it became more of an issue than I expected.

“He spends his life looking for the next frame,” Jane told me.

It’s as if the intimacy of us being alone together is too much for him, so he needs social media to be in between us, almost acting as a buffer.

I just can’t relate to his desire to be continually digitizing his life.” I can somewhat relate.

We have a lot in common: We’re both writers; we’re the same age; we both hate being outside.

But there’s one fundamental difference: He has an Android, and I have an i Phone.

I was visiting my parents upstate for the weekend, and was surprised to admit that I missed the writer.