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If two people pick each other, contact details are shared through the company.

The man was not originally registered to participate and when his details were later entered into the company's system, he was mistakenly matched with the woman."Based on this explanation and on the information before me, the organization did make reasonable security arrangements," Ridley wrote.

"I do not have evidence that this is a widespread problem.

"Nothing has gone wrong since we implemented the new processes, so we are pretty happy with that.

Everything is going pretty well."Fast Life bills itself on its website as the world's largest speed-dating service with 200-plus events each month.

It is not reasonable to expect an organization to be able to protect against all human error."Ridley did, however, order Fast Life to make sure employees are more aware of privacy laws."The organization is to ensure that it does not disclose personal information that it is not authorized to disclose by ensuring that its employees are made aware of the organization’s obligations under the act," her order reads.