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I just want you to know that your mom and I really, really love you. You know, my dad and I, we talk, and we communicate. It was like one of the most sincere things I've ever gotten from him. From WBEZ Chicago, it's This American Life, distributed by Public Radio International. He wasn't socially adept with adults, either, but with children he was hopeless. It seemed equally possible to me that he was either unaware that baseball mitts came for both righties and lefties, or that he did not know that I am left-handed. When they were clear, I gathered up my courage, and blurted out, "I love you, Dad." Then I ran from the car, up the sidewalk, and into the house. That's what I keep thinking about in the basement as Rick and I watch the Big Showcase Showdown wheel on The Price is Right, spinning on its axis, around and around and around. The cantor's wife basically called him on the fact that he feels all this love and respect for his children-- she's assuming, but I believe he does-- but that he doesn't ever express it. She tells Shaul, I want you to call each of your four children, every day, for a month. So he would be, like, [SINGING] "I am picking out a Thermos, for you, for you, not an ordinary Thermos, for you, for you." It goes on and it's this goofy little song. Our name's in print, our name's in print." Every single time, every year, we would do that. And we was, like, "The new phone book's here, the new phone book's here." Nothing, are you kidding? None of our friends ever see him, and he pretty much never returns anyone's phone calls. I don't make quote, unquote "money." Because I'm here all the time. Jonathan Goldstein is the host of the radio show Wiretap, which is heard on the CBC, and on many public radio stations in this country as well. Act four, "Bring your child to work detail." For fathers who are locked up for decades behind bars, family relationships suffer, as you'd imagine. That is, unless, they decide to do something about it. Michael May has the story, from prison in east Texas. Before he went to prison, he'd fathered four children and built a successful insurance business. I was married at the time, had a mistress on the side. In 1970, he went through a bitter divorce and moved from Illinois to Houston. Then, in 1977, Daniel met a woman who worked at his apartment complex, and he says they made plans to meet. Daniel was convicted of rape and given a sentence of life in prison. WBEZ management oversight for a program by our boss, Mr.

But neither one of is very good at talking about our feelings. Well, today on our radio show, for Father's Day, we have stories of dads reaching out to kids in very dad-like ways, which-- I mean, these stories anyway-- means that dads are not always so direct in saying their feelings. He was the first person I ever knew who owned his own computer. It did so much less than my brother and I did, and yet he spent so much more time interacting with the computer than with us. The next day, our stepmother Beth picks us up, and we drive with her to the funeral home, a saggy, Gothic house near the highway. Beth asks if I want to go into the viewing where they've got Dad. And really he should be telling us that he loves us. And when you call them, I want you to tell them "I love you." Naomi was on vacation when he called the first time. Another thing was, every year when the new phone book came out-- I was from a really small town, so the phone book was probably an inch and a half think. So when I was in college, my roommate thought I was crazy. And I was like, "The phone book's here, the phone book's here, we have to find ourselves." And I would actually sing the Thermos song, too. People are starting to give up on Josh, and I guess I was starting to give up too. Josh Karpati only allowed to let Jonathan come over and interview him for the radio if we mentioned his Twitter feed, so if you want to hear more words that Josh once banned, @jkarpati. Daniel Johnson is 66 years old, and he's spent more than half of his life behind bars. One of those kind of guys that flirted and bounced around from town to town. Since then, he's gone through a successful reconciliation with his victim, which she initiated. Torey Malatia, who's always trying to convince me that I am his favorite public radio host, and not Terry Gross.

I don't remember who took us, Mom or his second wife, Beth.

My parents have been divorced for seven years, and the relationship is terrible.

And I actually, when I did open it to get the money out, there was a letter inside from my dad that basically said, you know, if you're reading this, your mom and I love you and it was just-- oh my God, I'm actually get choked up thinking about it, I've never gotten choked up think about it-- but it was basically a letter. Above me, I hear Rick began to cry, and after a moment I start crying, too. Crying seems like the appropriate response, and I'm still young enough, 12, that I can summon tears without too much effort. Mom takes Rick and me to work with her that day, because there's nothing else for us to do. I didn't doubt that he did, but he'd never said it, and I had never said it to him. I'm not sure why I felt the need to do it at that moment, it just seemed important. Shaul had been at dinner with one of Naomi's sisters. And at dinner, the cantor from his synagogue is there with his wife. It was really sweet to hear him say it, and even just the tone of his voice around it. And every day when we would pack his lunch-- it was practically every day-- he went sing the Thermos song. And I immediately saw that, and I was like, holy crap. So I'm watching the movie, and then later on he's falls in love with-- I guess it's Bernadette Peters stars in the movie, I think? Scheduling a beer together often required the kind of constant back and forth one usually associates with lunar landings. People think, oh, I raised-- particularly older people-- I raised two children, I raised three children. Two [BLEEP] babies at the same time, very, very different. So nomenclaturally, that's what I have to contribute. With twins it's a very, very hard philosophy to put into action. So I mean, I haven't gone out to a restaurant, I haven't gone out to a concert, or to a peep show, or anything in a long, long time. The exception of an hour here, and hour there, which I usually used to go grocery shopping anyway. It's inevitable that the girls will, some day, possibly soon, come to find Josh's neuroses, obsession and paranoia just as difficult as everyone else does. By appearance, the two inmates couldn't be more different. It was during rec time on the yard at Eastham prison in east Texas. Then he shared with me this the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Jesse's petitioned the courts to try to get them moved back together again. They've also appealed Jesse's case to try to reduce his 60-year sentence. Jen Berman is filling in as our West coast producer.[ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS]Our website,