Time periods of dating

Finally, you are forcing presentation code into your database by returning month names in SQL -- you are much better off letting your front end client decide if it wants to display full month names, or abbreviations, or month numbers, rather than forcing a specific format upon them.

While time periods are primarily used by Later to define schedules and calculate occurrences, they are also useful for performing time based calculations.

Calculating values such as ISO week number, moving between days of the year, or figuring out how many days are in a month are all possible using the time period interface.

Your front end client can easily format these values as "MM-YYYY" or whatever is needed -- don't try to convert and combine these two values together in SQL, there is simply no need to.

Keep your data raw and simple and efficient; remember that it is always shorter and easier to combine and format data than it is to parse and separate data.

The minimum and maximum valid values for the time period for the specified date.