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There are two specifics with Buddy Press: Since Buddy Press adds new activities using local javascript, it is not possible to show the smilies directly after you enter a new activity. The standard sidebar of Buddy Press showinh notices has no filter to hook in at the moment. To avoid this there are two workarounds: Use the Activity-Stream-Widget for Buddy Press or edit the file and change line 546 (version 1.5.7) to . Updating wp-Monalisa wp-Monalisa can be updated manually, by deleting all files in the directory wp-monalisa and uploading the new files, or automatically within the plugins management section of your Word Press blog.

In either case you should deactivate and reactivate the plugin after updating, because otherwise possible changes in the database are not accomplished.

Pro: If you should ever uninstall the plugin the smilie will still be in your text or in the comment (but why should you uninstall the plugin ).

Con: The sourcecode gets a bit confusing when you and/or your commentors use many smilies.

If you check this option, wp-monalisa integrates itself with Buddy Press for Acitivies, Messages, Groups) and the bb Press forums.