Validating identy problems

For details on the installation roadmap, see Section 1.1.1, "Understanding the Installation Roadmap." In the following sections it is assumed that the required components, as listed in Table 2-2, have already been installed, including any dependencies, and the environment already configured prior to the integration.

For more information about the integration topologies, see Section 1.2, "Integration Topologies." .

Table 2-1 lists the high-level tasks for integrating Access Manager and Oracle Identity Manager with Oracle Unified Directory.

Depending on your installation path, you may already have performed some of the integration procedures listed in this table.

The directory server must also be installed in a separate domain and a separate Middleware home as well.

Note: The instructions in this chapter assume that you will use Oracle Unified Directory as the identity store. Refer to "Configuring the Identity Store" for more information about supported LDAP servers.

Access Manager uses a database for policy data and a directory server for identity data.