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“She admires his intelligence and the fact that he is well-read and into history and politics,” says Suttie, whose real-life partner is the up-and-coming stand-up Elis James.

“She also secretly likes the fact that he doesn’t enjoy clubbing and will say, ‘I absolutely don’t want to drink real ale with that guy who doesn’t know who Stalin is.’ They can’t stay apart.

“But when I started playing Dobby, there was suddenly quite a dramatic change, and I was freaked out by it.

I was on the South Bank in London one day, and 20 people were suddenly running towards me and screaming.

’ I couldn’t get my head around it at all.”Just what is it about this character, a woman just as happy to talk about The Lord of the Rings as lipstick, that has fans running towards her? That’s quite unusual.”Suttie identifies with the sweet-natured, eccentrically attired Dobby. We also both get frustrated with people who won’t take risks.