Why sexchat sites want credit cards

By attacking Facebook and other ubiquitous social networks fraudsters can tap a massive pool of victims.

The question of whether it's a good idea to present an ID sparks plenty of debate between those who see it as a deterrent against fraud and those who think it creates an unnecessary privacy risk.

Networks hold the cards While some states have laws barring a cashier from writing down your ID information, the card networks -- Visa, Master Card and the like -- have the most say in whether merchants can even ask for identification.

A new variant of the Ice IX malware tricks Facebook users into exposing their credit card, debit card, and/or social security numbers.

The malware does this by displaying a separate Web form inside a browser pop-up window, which looks similar to Facebook's design, when you navigate to the social network's login webpage.

Therefore, the most straightforward model is to charge the people who want to find a partner.