Wpf listbox selecteditem not updating

wpf listbox selecteditem not updating-76

Now I would like that when the user clicks on an item of List View, its name is shown in label lbl Selected Item. Register Attached( "Selected Command Behavior", typeof(Selector Selected Command Behavior), typeof(Selected), null); public static readonly Dependency Property Command Property = Dependency Property.

Therefore I bind Content property of lbl Selected Item to a property of View Model variable class View Model : INotify Property Changed { ... private void Notify Property Changed(String info) { if (Property Changed ! Register Attached( "Command", typeof(ICommand), typeof(Selected), new Property Metadata(On Set Command Callback)); [System.

Add(new Product() { Name="Computer", Price=3}); m_lst Products. Design", "CA1011: Consider Passing Base Types As Parameters", Justification = "Only works for selector")] public static ICommand Get Command(Selector selector) { return selector. New Value as ICommand; } } private static Selector Selected Command Behavior Get Or Create Behavior(Selector selector) { var behavior = selector.

Add(new Product() { Name="Table", Price=4}); m_lst Products. Get Value(Command Property) as ICommand; } private static void On Set Command Callback(Dependency Object dependency Object, Dependency Property Changed Event Args e) { var selector = dependency Object as Selector; if (selector ! Get Value(Selected Command Behavior Property) as Selector Selected Command Behavior; if (behavior == null) { behavior = new Selector Selected Command Behavior(selector); selector.

Add(new Product() { Name="Chair", Price=5}); } public Observable Collection 5. Set Value(Selected Command Behavior Property, behavior); } return behavior; } } public class Selector Selected Command Behavior : Command Behavior Base { public Selector Selected Command Behavior(Selector selectable Object) : base(selectable Object) { selectable Object.