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Take her hand in yours or touch her on the shoulder.

Indicator of Interest 4: She’s Touchy, Feely This is when a girl runs up to you, hugs you, grabs your arm a lot, and so forth. If you don’t respond to this with at least a bit of sexual intent, you may be hurdled into the friend zone vortex of death.

What to Do: Respond to the touch: spin her around, pull her close to you, aim for close face-to-face proximity, and if she allows that, then kiss her.

If this occurs in a nightclub, it means she wants you to kiss her. If it’s on a date, then push it by drawing closer and figuring out where her comfort level is, and kiss her if she allows you to come into her airspace and there’s clear chemistry.

Indicator of Interest 3: She’s Talking to You Yes, this is an IOI!

Indicator of Interest 5: She Asks What You’re Doing Later Sometimes a girl will ask this out of the blue, and as a socially unintelligent guy my thought used to be “Why is she asking this question? In reality, she’s asking you this because she wants you to ask her out with you right then and there, or she wants to go home with you.